Day 47 & 48 – Farewell Ridgecrest, it’s back to the trail

Friday 14 June 2019
Day: 47
Location: Ridgecrest
Distance travelled: 0 miles / 0 km

I enjoyed a full day of rest and recovery in Ridgecrest. My day started with the complementary American breakfast at the hotel. I made the most of it, enjoying eggs on a bagel, waffles drowned in syrup and an apple for good measure.

I had forgotten a couple of things on yesterday’s trip the walmart so I headed back for another peruse. I needed to pick up a gas canister and while in the ‘camping and outdoors’ section stumbled upon 2 isles full of guns and ammunition. It was confronting and completely insane to me that you could pick up a bottle of milk and a round of ammunition at the same time. In the end Walmart didn’t have the canister I needed so I would need to make a trip to the Big 5 Sporting Goods store.

Another completely American experience was had today when I ate my first honey bun. It was sweet doughy and full of calories, not as honey-ish as I expected but good all the same.

I spent the day making plans for the Sierras, catching up on blog writing, instagram posting and eating. I decided to watch a movie in my room rather than make the 1hr walk to the cinema.

The Fonz needed to make a trip to home depot in the afternoon and given I needed to make a trip to big 5 we reached out to the local trail angel group for a ride. It would be a long hot walk in the nearly 40 degree Celsius heat. A lovely woman, Liz was able to give us a ride. She was super interesting, a local archeologist working at the naval base. She was easy to talk to. I felt like she is someone I could easily strike up a friendship with. She kindly offered to help us with a ride tomorrow should we need it too.

I had a relaxed evening to match my relaxed day. I ate a huge salad for dinner while watching Madagascar. Pure bliss. I will be able to go back out on trail fully refreshed.

Saturday 15 June 2019
Day: 48
Location: Mile 654.3
Distance travelled: 2.9 miles / 5 km

I could get used to double zero-ing. After another delicious but huge hotel breakfast I went for a dip in the hotel swimming pool.

Checkout was a very generous 12pm so I showered and leisurely packed my bag before spending the afternoon catching up on blog posts and Instagram posts.

Liz, the awesome trail angel who helped us run our errands yesterday agreed to drive the Fonz and I out to the trail head so at 5pm I gave her the call that we were ready to head out. Whilst on the phone she asked if it was ok is she brought her dog with her for the ride. Yes please! Bring you dog with you I encouraged.

Her dog, Lorelei is a young blue healer, full of energy and keen for affection. I called dibs on riding in the back seat with her.

Just like yesterday’s car trip, Liz had so many interesting things to talk about, including her current work project, returning the remains of native American people to their relatives. She is a knowledgeable woman. I could spend all day listening to her talk.

The Fonz had already walked the 1 mile of trail from Walker Pass camp ground to the road so we dropped him off first. I bid Liz farewell at the campground.

There was a large group of hikers at the campground, having just come in from the trail. There was already a very generous trail magic set up with pizza, cookies and drinks. I offered up the fruit I brought but it seemed less tempting next to the beer and chips. Never the less I left my contribution with the group and headed out on the trail.

I took it slow, enjoying golden hour, the beautiful warm afternoon light and the shadows being cast by the setting sun.

It was a climb from Walker Pass, the views back down over the road were spectacular. I felt content and glad to be back out on trail.

I had set off hiking at 6ish and by the time I arrived at a suitable campsite at 7.30 was happy to call it a day. I was originally planning to stay the night at Walker Pass campsite so any miles walked were a bonus for me.

I went to sleep looking up at a spectacular full moon, looking forward to hiking on tomorrow towards Kennedy Meadows.

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