Day 41 & 42 – The never ending wind farm

Saturday 8 June 2019
Day: 41
Location: Mile 577.2
Distance travelled: 15.2 miles / 24 km

The supermarket I resupplied at in Tehachapi was the biggest on trail supermarket I have visited yet so I went a little overboard with my shopping. The upside was fresh berries and an apple for breakfast this morning, a delicious change.

It was windy overnight and still windy when I woke up but I guess that’s what you get when you camp under wind turbines in the middle of America’s biggest wind farm. I slept with the fly off and my earplugs in and managed to get a decent rest.

Despite my need to slow down and walk shorter days i was still up early to walk in the cooler part of the day.

It was only a few miles of walking to finish off the section between willow springs road and highway 58.

There was a few miles of road walking and a railway crossing to contend with.

As I approached the crossing a huge fright train came through, sounding its horn. It was a long train and I had to wait 5 minutes or so for it to pass by before I could cross.

Having crossed the highway I thought that I was leaving the windfarm behind me but as I climbed my way up a hill towards the next mountain range I realised the wind farm continued.

It was unbelievable how large it spanned.

The wind remained strong throughout the afternoon so I decided to choose a well sheltered campsite for the evening and set up early.

The trail into camp was a dirt road and in the afternoon sun I almost missed seeing a huge snake laying across the trail. I was one foot distance from stepping on it but the snake didn’t flinch at all. It was an impressive size, skinny but well over a meter long.

It was a good reminder to watch where im walking, particularly in the afternoon.

I got into camp early and settled in for the afternoon. It was relaxing. I watched a movie and napped. I think I can get used to these lower mileage days.

Sunday 9 June 2019
Day: 42
Location: Mile 577.2 to Mile 592.8
Distance travelled: 15.6 miles / 25 km

It was more wind turbines today as the trail continued along a dirt road through the wind farm.

I am amazed at the expanse of the farm. It feels like I’ve been walking through it for a week and it’s still going!

Once the trail deviated from the dirt road and back into single trail I was rewarded with beautiful mountain and valley views.

I walked through sections of trail blooming with wildflowers, from the beaver trail cactus to the California Poppies. They were beautiful.

It was another warm day and the water sources are few and far between on the section of trail up to Walker Pass so I took time to stop in the shade and cool down while I could.

It was another short day, 15 miles. It feels weird and a little wrong stopping so early in the day when there is still plenty of light until 8.30pm but it is also nice to relax and take it easy while I have the chance.

One Comment on “Day 41 & 42 – The never ending wind farm

  1. Hi Leigh, we missed hearing from you for the last week. Glad you are going so wel, enjoy the shorter days while you can. Is Adam over there yet? All those wind farms look great. Its cold and wet here, we are going to head north in about 10 days, need to get into warmer weather for a while,


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