Gear Lists

Photo from Leigh

Let’s talk gear!

Both of our packs have undergone considerable re-engineering over the lead up to the TA.

Majorly determined by what was available in the Australian market, we were accustomed to using traditional canvas packs and robust gear built to withstand season after season in the Australian bush. While this approach has served us well and resulted in our current gear lasting us for many years, it has also resulted in us having very heavy base pack weights.

For our readers who are not yet up on the hiking lingo, base pack weight refers to the total weight of a hikers gear kit. It excludes consumables such as food water and fuel because these vary by trip length and conditions. Undertaking the TA as a Thru-hike forces you to scrutinise every gram going into your pack. This typically sees hikers cutting the handle off their toothbrush, foregoing any sort of deodorant or soap and relying on one set of clothing. It might seem maniacal however when you are walking an average of 25km each day for 6 months, the added weight only adds to the already substantial pressure you are subjecting your body to.

For those fully fledged gear nerds and gram counters, below are are gear lists. Our packs have been out together with consideration to what we already owned, what we know works for us, a whole bunch of research and what could offer us the best weight savings. Both lists are a work in progress and like us, are likely to change and adapt along the trail. Any comments or questions are more than welcome.

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